3M IMC Signature Program Catalog 2014

Signature Products Bringing Workplace Solutions into Focus The 3M Signature Products catalog was designed with you in mind. Finding the supplies that best suit the needs of your business can be a daunting task, so we’ve assembled a select group of 3M products to help you bring great solutions into focus. In this catalog, you’ll find standout products that serve the core needs of many business operations, including maintenance and repair, production, worker safety, and facility care. When efficiency and operational management are of the highest concern, 3M’s Signature Products provide: Vision Prepping Deburring Masking Protecting Spraying Grinding Finishing Whether you’re looking for reliable day-to-day items or the right product to address a specific problem, we hope you’ll use this catalog as a springboard to learn more about the broad range of 3M solutions. Keep it handy, and refer to it often. Products that help improve efficiency and increase productivity Products with a wide range of capabilities to help you keep your business running smoothly, effectively, and safely Products that harness 3M innovation to help you improve your everyday operations and solve critical challenges Versatility Value 3M