Deltronic Catalog 2023

THREAD GAGES PLUG GAGES P HI-PRECIS EAD GAGES THREAD GAGES COMPLETE PARTS MANUFACTURIN ETE PARTS MANUFACT The most complete gage-reference in-plant availability ever offered as a standard product, the TP10081-L, carries the entire Deltronic range with every .0001” size from .0040” through 1.0120”, a total of 10,081 in free steel Stor-Gage Cabinets. Page ‘X’ PLUG GAGES 4 GAGE HANDLES 5-6 TINY ‘X’ GAGES 3 METRIC ‘X’ GAGES 4 THREADWIRES 13 GEARWIRES 14 Page ‘X’ GAGE SETS 7 THOUSANDTHS 8 HALF THOUSANDTHS 8 TENTH STEPS 8 METRIC ‘X’ SETS 9 Page ‘X’ GAGE LIBRARIES 10-11 METRIC ‘X’GAGE LIBRARIES 12