My Account

Set Up An Account
Go to Westtool.com and click on the Register link in the top right. From here, there are two paths to setting up an account, depending on whether you have a net invoice accoint with Western:

  1. Current Western Tool & Supply Customers: If you have a net invoice account, you can requeust a web account linked to your existing customer ID. You can locate the customer ID on a Western Tool & Supply invoice, so you'll need a copy of one of our invoices to complete this process. Click the link under "Current Western Tool Customers" to fill out the web registration form. You will need to supply your first and last name (no job titles or departnment names), your email address, the customer ID from the invoice, and type in a password twice and click submit. A Western Tool & Supply representative will locate your customer account and link the new shopper login to it. As this is not an automated process, it can take some time to process the request. If you did not supply a correct first and last name, you may wish to submit a second request, because requests without an actual contact name will not be processed.
  2. New Customers: Fill out the form on the Register page. You must supply an actual first and last contact name (no department names or job titles); requests without an actual contact name will not be processed.

Add Shipping Address
A new ship-to address can be added in the order process, or when registering a new account.

Edit a Shipping Addresses or Billing Information
Shipping addresses and billing information cannot altered on Westtool.com; if you need to edit this information, please call a Western Tool & Supply representative at 1-800-836-4288.

Remove a User
If someone leaves the company, call a Western representative at 1-800-836-4288 to deactivate the user on the account.

Items Missing From Purchase History
Our business software limits purchase history to two years. Additionally, temp or custom orders are handled separately, and unlike our 4,000,000 standard items, will not display in purchase history.

Inventory Status

Locating Product
To find the location and inventory status of a specific product, simply locate the item on Westtool.com and check the "Location Availability table. Inventory is subject to prior sale, and items in a user's Shopping Carts are not reserved. To ensure availability, complete the ordering process, call in an order at 1-800-836-4288 or email sales@westtool.com.

Shopping Carts

Add Items to Shopping Cart
There are many ways to create a Shopping Cart:

  1. Search: add an item via search from the header of Westtool.com.
  2. Catalogs: click on catalogs from the top navigation, and click on a part number within the catalogues.
  3. Product categories: navigate to products from the header or use the drop down.
  4. My Account: access open quotes.
  5. Shopping Lists: select shopping list, click go then either add the whole list or select which items, then add checked to cart.
  6. Orderpad – select Orderpad from the top navigation, enter a part number and quantity and select Add to Cart.
  7. Product Detail page – from the Product Detail page enter the quantity in the field, and click the "Add to Cart"'" button.

Change Quantities In Cart
Edit the value in the quantity box and click on the Update button.

Clear a Shopping Cart
From the shopping cart select the Empty Cart button. At the prompt, "Are you sure you want to remove all of the items from your cart?" click Yes (click Cancel to exit without clearing).

Credit Cards

Accepted Cards
Western accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa cards.


Change Shipping Address
Once you've finished adding items to your cart, select the Checkout button. Simply type in the new ship to location on the Shipping Address page of the checkout process.

Change Submitted Order
Please contact us immediately at at 1-800-836-4288 or through our Live Chat and speak with one of our Western associates during our normal hours of operation:
Monday through Friday 7:00AM - 5:00PM PST.


Ordering from Western Tool & Supply
You may order using any of the following ordering methods:

Call us toll free : 1-800-836-4288
Visit one of our branch locations
Send us a toll-free fax: 1-800-255-5067
Send us an e-mail: sales@Westtool.com **Please do not send any sensitive information including credit card numbers over email; credit card information received through email address will be destroyed upon receipt without action, for your protection.

Line-Item Notes
Line-item notes cannot be entered through the online ordering process. Order notes, however, can be entered as part of the checkout process.

International Orders
Western Tool & Supply is primarily a regional distributor servicing the western United States, and distributing to users outside of this territory is not generally possible.

Order Notes
Order notes will print on packing slips and invoices.

Email Confirmation
Email confirming your order will be dispatched to the email address specified. Western Tool & Supply uses a variety of reference numbers to help track orders at various stages of the fulfillment process. Most web orders bypass the web reference number, and receive an order number immediately. However, sometimes orders fire so quickly our business system does not have time to assign an order number. In that case, a web reference number will be used in its stead, and will be replaced with the order number when the next email for the order is sent.

Shipping/Delivery Confirmation
If your order is shipping via carrier, you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking once it has shipped. if your order is being delivered on Western trucks, you will receive a delivery confirmation once the order has arrived at your facility.

Order History
To check on the status of an order, navigate to the My Account page and search within Purchase History or Open Orders.

Change a Placed Order
To change/add to an order, call 1-800-836-4288.

Not receiving acknowledgements?
Here are some potential reasons you may not receive an acknowledgment:

  • Your email address may not be correct in our system. To verify this, log in to the My Account page. Your email should be listed just below your name under the Personal Information column. If there is a problem with the email, click on the "Change Email" button, enter a new email address into the box that appears and click Submit.
  • Spam filtering - check with your IT department to ensure that email from Western Tool & Supply is not being stopped by a spam filter.
  • If the above fails, contact Western at1-800-836-4288 to track an order. We will need the PO number and the contact email address.

Special/Custom Parts
To order a special part, requests should be called in to 1-800-836-4288 or emailed to sales@westtool.com. You can also send a special item quote by submitting a Request For Quote.


Basic Info
The quoting process at Western is a bit different, and works just like shopping, excpet you add items to the RFQ cart. You can add items from a product details page or a search page. Once you have all your items and their respective quantities complete, click continue. If you're signed in, you can use the information associated with your account, otherwise fill out the company information and submit your cart.

Ways to Request a Quote

  1. Request a quote by selecting the Request A Quote link in the header or adding any items into the RFQ cart described above.
  2. Call 1-800-836-4288.
  3. Email quote requests to sales@Westtool.com; please allow at least one business day turnaround for emailed quotes.

Expiration of Quotes
A quote expires after 30 days, to account for changes in pricing and applicable taxes.

Shopping Lists

Basic Info
Shopping lists work just like quoting, except you aren't limited to having only one shopping list. You can add items from a product details page or a search page. Once you have all your items and their respective quantities complete, you can add the list to your cart, copy the list, add only the checked items to your cart or delete the list.

Add Items From Shopping List to Cart
To add items from a Shopping List to a Shopping Cart, visit the Shopping List link in the header. You can add the entire list or select items from the list. Note: Items added to a Shopping Cart from a Shopping Lis are not removed; lists stay intact unless they are deleted by the creator.

View Shopping Lists
To review Shopping Lists, login and click the Shopping Lists link in the top right of the header.

Sales Flyers & Catalogs

Everyone can access our sales flyers and catalogs on our website without needing to login.

Browsing Catalogs & Flyers
To access promotional flyers, click on the promos link in the header. To access interactive, linked manufacturer catalogs, click the catalogs link in the header.

Customer Service

Customer Service Hours
Western representatives are available Monday through Friday 7:00AM - 5:00PM PST.

Customer Service Methods
Phone: 1-800-836-4288
Chat: Available via orange button in the bottom right corner of the page.
Email: sales@westtool.com.


Live Chat
Westtool.com supports real time chat with a Western representative. Once logged in there is a button located in the bottom right corner of the website header labeled Chat Now, Agents Available. Click the orange button, enter the required information and you will be connected with a live Western associate.

Live Chat Availability
Chat is available Monday through Friday from 7:00AM - 5:00PM PST.

Order via Live Chat
Orders can be placed via chat. Live chat orders are entered into the same system so they will be processed at the same speed as other order methods.


Order Acknowledgements
Order acknowledgements are emailed after your order is placed and is being processed.

Shipping Acknowledgements
Shipping acknowledgements are generated at time of order shipment, and include tracking when available.


Browser Compatibility
Westtool.com is optimized for modern browsers, like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Mozilla Firefox. If you are using an older browser that is no longer keeping up with changing standards or updating, like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, you may experience difficulties using the site or all of its features. You should consider switching using the links above, as older browsers will not keep up with changing internet technology, and will not have the latest security updates, which could leave your data vulnerable.

Western Tool & Supply Locations

Western Tool & Supply Locations
To find a Western branch, click here


Net Invoice Application
We offer a number of account options to our customers for managing their account with Western. If you would like to apply for net invoicing, follow these instructions.


Returns on Westtool.com
At this time you cannot initiate a return from Westtool.com. Returns should be handled either by contacting our Live Chat at the orange button in the bottom right, by emailing sales@westtool.com, or by calling 1-800-836-4288.


WTS Delivery
Western Tool & Supply offers free delivery on most items within our delivery radius (typically around 25 miles of our offices) which can be selected at checkout. Our delivery trucks depart our warehouses twice daily, at 8:45 AM and at 12:45 PM. Web orders need to be placed at least 15 minutes before these cut-offs to make the next truck.

Billing Shipping Account
If you have an account with either Fed Ex or UPS that you would prefer to bill for shipping, select one of the "COLLECT" options on the Shipping Address section during checkout. Proceed through the checkout process, then enter your account number under the Order Notes section.

Lock Shipping Addresses
At this time there is no way to control shipping address entries. All users are able to add addresses. We do not allow deletion or editing of shipping addresses online. If you wish to delete addresses you would need to call 1-800-836-4288.

Direct Ship Times
The time it takes for a direct or drop ship item varies by the manufacturer and even by the item.

Change shipping address
See My Account above.