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Dial-Ables Adjustable ER Collet Tooling

Dial-Ables Collet Chuck Assembly

*collet chuck and shank sold separately

Dial-Ables Features:

  • Improve cutting tool life.
  • Reduce lathe setup time.
  • Utilizes standard ER Collets.
  • Full 360° X .025" adjustment.
  • Collet to shank squareness 0.0002".
  • Heat treated/black oxide coated for long service life.
  • Adjust turret end working tools to the spindle centerline.
  • Two coolant ports standard; side - 1/8 NPT; Rear 1/4 NPT.
  • All collet chucks use standard ER nose piece and thread sizes.
  • All tools interchangeable within group sets.

Group A

A-Shanks & Collet Chucks

Group A
Item # Size Type
AER11AP ER11 Collet Chuck
AER16AP ER16 Collet Chuck
AER20AP ER20 Collet Chuck
A0750SH 3/4" Shank A-Shank
A1000SH 1" Shank A-Shank
A1250SH 1-1/4" Shank A-Shank
A1500SH 1-1/2" Shank A-Shank
A20MMSH 20MM Shank A-Shank
A22MMSH 22MM Shank A-Shank
A25MMSH 25MM Shank A-Shank

Group B

B-Shanks & Collet Chucks

Group B
Item # Size Type
BER20AP ER20 Collet Chuck
BER25AP ER25 Collet Chuck
B1000SH 1" Shank B-Shank
B1250SH 1-1/4" Shank B-Shank
B1500SH 1-1/2" Shank B-Shank

Group C

C-Shanks & Collet Chucks

Group C
Item # Size Type
CER25AP ER25 Collet Chuck
CER32AP ER32 Collet Chuck
C1000SH 1" Shank C-Shank
C1250SH 1-1/4" Shank C-Shank
C1500SH 1-1/2" Shank C-Shank